The 64 Series AW is a Precision Assembly Winder Reshmi’s Experience in the field of winding for more than 70 years and with their innovative solutions, the 64 Series AW is a Precision Winder offering top Productivity, quality,reduced operating costs and flexibility available in the market today.

Technical Data-64 SERIES AW
Yarns Processed Natural and Man Made Fibre,Short and Long - Staple Spun Yarns
Range of Count 1 to 250 Nm, 1200, 5 to 120 Ne
Working Process Assembly Winding(Parallel Winding)
Winding Speed Upto 1200 Mt/Min(Process Speed Depending on Process Parameter)
Traverse 6"(152mm) Optional- 8" / 10"
Traverse System BI-Rotor(Counter Rotating Blades)
Installed Power 370 W (Per Spindle)
Absorbed Power 120 W
Drive Individual Spindle Drive
Take Up Arm Holder Arm with Adaptors, Driven by Brush Less Motor
Yarn Guide Counter Rotating Blade Technology Driven by BLDC Motor
Take Up Tubes Cylindrical Plastic Tubes
Package Counter Weight System Manual Spring Type
Tension Control System Motorised Numbering tension System
Typing of Winding Precision
Standard Configuration Automatic Loading and Doffing Package Transport Convey or Internal
Feeding Creel Yarn Presence sensor for Individual Ply
Optional Devices Over Head Travelling Cleaner Air Splicer
Air Requirement Compressed Air with 6 bar Operating Pressure