74 Series DF- SPW


74 Series DF-SPW
  Staple Yarns

74 Series DF-SPW

Precision Soft-Package Winder

Reshmi’s new 74 Series is the Latest Modular Winding Platform available with three winding Systems. Winding systems such as Precision, Dynaflex and Fix angle (Random) are available on 74 Series DF Which is suitable to wind all Staple Fibres

The key features are :

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Technical Data
Yarns Processed Natural Fibre,Synthetic or Blended Staple Fibre All Kinds of Staple Yarns
Range of Count From 5 to 4.500 Dtex,From 1 to 250 Nm , 1 to 120 Ne
Working Process Soft Winding
Winding Speed Upto 1200 Mt/Min(Process Speed Depending on Process Parameter)
Installed Power 400 W (Per Winding Unit)
Absorbed Power 90 W
Take Up Arm Holder Arm with Adaptors,Driven by Brush less Motor
Yarn Guide Counter Rotating Blade Technology Driven by BLDC Motor
Take Up Tubes Perforated-Cylindrical/Conical Tubes/SS Dye Spring
Package Counter Weight System Manual Spring Type
Standard Configuration Electric Over Feed Mechanism Yarn Presence Sensor Diameter Setting and
Measurement Avaliable for Individual Spindle Yarn Length Setting and
Measurement Avaliable for Individual Spindle Balloon Controller
Optional Devices Automatic Doffing ,Over Head Travelling Cleaner, Splicer,
Pre-Arrangement for Electronic Clearers Package, Transport Conveyor
Type of Winding Dyna Flex(Step Precision/Precision/Random)

Date :

February 25, 2020

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