PreciThread – PT64C


PreciThread -PT64 C
  Staple Yarns


High-Performance Cone Winder

Precithread is a High-Performance V cone Winder offering winding speeds up to 12000 rpm. with Top quality and Constructional Rigidity, it is one of the most efficient winders available in the world.
The Individual two-drive servo systems guarantee excellent winding results with the integration of the Optional Lubrication system. As a standard configuration, Precithread is equipped with Reshmi’s  E-Gear Technology, which guarantees excellent winding results.

The key features are :

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Technical Data-PT64 C
Types of Winding Precision Cross Wind
Mechnical Speed Up to 1200 MPM Speed Depending Upon Process Parameters
Spindle Speed Up to 1200 rpm
Package Shape V Cone - 2 or 4 Degree
Traverse Length 3.25" to 6"
Take up- Tubes 1°30 up to 5°57 ; Tip Diameter 18 mm
Take up Package Diameter Up to 120 mm
Supply Package Diameter Up to 280 mm
Type of Yarn Spun Thread/Cone Spun,Textured Filament,
Heavy Industrial Sewing Thread of 1500 Denier
Count Up to 3300 Dtex
Layout Single sided Machine
No.of Spindles per Section 5
Min/Max No.of Spindles Per Machine Any number(Due to Individual Control System)
Max no of Spindles per Oiling System 20
Gauge 432 mm
Drive Individual Dual Drive Servo System
Electronic Length Control Micro Controller/PLC Based
Installed Power 1.4KW(5 Spindle)
Compressed Air 6 bar

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November 2, 2017

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